About Archiutti

The Archiutti stand was innovative, a mix between fresh design but functional and a strategic position to say the least. The impeccable work of the architect Mr.Cortivo D & T Hub studio with the contribution, for the styling, of Dogtrot communication and design studio, gave a twist to the already great material.

The furniture selection was broad and has been cleverly divided into a cozy but bright environment: a test that shows how the office should not be seen as a cool place, where to conduct some professional activities, but a place where to build part of our lives. The nuances and details decidedly “haute couture” have added an elegant touch to the exhibition space and the drawings of young Mattia Rossi, combined with the neo-surrealist sketches of neo-surrealist Masahiko Kubo, have crowned this union of office furniture and aesthetic refinement.

The entire Archiutti staff was professional and impeccable, led by CEO Mrs. Archiutti Matilde

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